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My Birth Story Podcast

Here is the podcast version of the birth of my son, Rhodes August Dupuis, on July 6th, 2021! I chose to birth in the hospital with the support of my partner Curtis, our doula, and the OB was the one on call who, of course, I'd never met! The nurses were amazing(ish) and made such a difference in helping me achieve that unmedicated labour I longed for.

This podcast was recorded when Rhodes was only 2 months old, and my perspective about his delivery has changed quite a bit as my knowledge about birth has grown. I have many things I'd like to change, but I'm at peace with them because I can't change the past; frankly, I think it adds to my fire as a doula to serve my families better while making headway change in our birth community!

My sweet boy, welcoming you to the world was everything I had dreamed of and more. This birth proved that I was capable of everything that everyone doubted me for. A rite of passage. A fast & fiery 5 hours of surrendering. A birth many would love to have, but I have yet to see any similarities with my own eyes.

Listen to ALL the birth stories, please! The intense, the good, the hard, the side of the road and emergency moments because if they happen to you, you'll remember the strengths of mothers before you.


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