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Learn ABout Baby Wearing

The topic of baby wearing may be new to you but it has been practiced for centuries by all parents throughout the world! From wrapping up your fresh newborn to strapping that busy toddler on your back, baby wearing is meant to give you 1 on 1 bonding time and the ability to be hands-free! I truly believe in being knowledgeable and creating a baby-wearing routine for your postpartum creates the time to take care of yourself and handle the never-ending tasks were faced with as parents! 

baby wearing

• Easy transition into the fourth trimester 

• For Newborn to Toddler ages

• Encourages bonding with both parents

• Less crying and fussing!

• Prevents flat head syndrome in babies

• Hands-free convenience for both parents  

• Made for on-the-go families!

Benefits of Baby Wearing for Babe
& Parents 

This in-home try-on & education session sets the foundation for your baby-wearing journey. We cover all the different styles of carriers, lifestyle functionality and budget ranges to ensure you are getting the best fit for your family! Grace will give you an in-depth tutorial of each carrier and guide both you and your partner as is an essential for navigating postpartum! During the prenatal consult, you'll not only discover the world of babywearing but also gain valuable insights into proper techniques and safety measures. Investing in this session means you'll be well-prepared and confident in your babywearing skills, ensuring a comfortable and joyful experience for everyone! 

100$ 1.5 hours

*Virtual consults are available!

Prenatal COnsult

This in-home try-on & educational session uses your baby, (and sometimes my demo doll Rhoda) to address any difficulties and the carriers you’ve purchased along the way! If the carriers you own aren’t fitting your lifestyle, I bring some of my go-tos and you will learn as a family how to integrate baby wearing into your routine! This visit can be done anywhere from 4 days postpartum to 3 years old for back wearing! 

During this thorough in-home try-on and educational session, we'll utilize your baby (and sometimes my trusty demo doll, Rhoda) to troubleshoot any challenges you've encountered with your carriers! If the carriers you already own don't quite align with your lifestyle, worry not! I'll bring some of my personal favorites, and together, as a family, we'll discover how to seamlessly integrate the joy of babywearing into your daily routine. 


This visit is suitable for families at any stage, from just 4 days postpartum to the adventurous age of 3 years for back carrying! Embrace this opportunity to not only conquer baby wearing hurdles but also to embark on a journey filled with happiness, closeness, and unforgettable moments with your little one, fostering a deep and joyful connection that will last a lifetime.

Postpartum Consult

Infantino Carrier

Tula Free - to - Grow

Tula Explore

Tula Toddler

ERGO Green Carrier

Solly Baby Wraps

ERGO Embrace Carrier


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