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edmonton birth doula supporting new expecting familis


I'm so glad you're here! If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I thought I'd be a birth doula one day, I would've said no! Is that surprising or what?? I grew up in Camrose where I was immersed in the medicalized birth system, and thought that every intervention was necessary.  I always had a feeling I’d be submerged in the birth world, but never imagined it would be like this!

I moved to Edmonton with my lovely partner, Curtis, just before the pandemic hit. Like so many couples, I ended up pregnant with our boy! In 2021, I birthed him unmedicated with doula and OB support at the Sturgeon Hospital in St. Albert and loved my experience. However, it showed me how big the gap in care is for today's modern mothers.

That's when this whole doula gig started for me. My doula suggested that I take her training to become a doula too, and suddenly a passion was lit inside me - I knew this was the perfect career for me! I completed my training in November 2021 and was registered and certified with Doulas of North America (DONA) International by May 2022. I have proudly supported over 25 births including planned cesareans, at-home babies, birthing centre deliveries, hospital births, epidural births, and everything in between! I feel at home in this work and I can't wait to empower, inform, and support you in this journey. 

I'm Grace!


Graceful Birth Doula is Edmonton's Top Doula for Childbirth Education, Babywearing & More!

Why "Your doula grace"?

Funny story, I didn't even pick my first business name! That's how much it truly just fell into place. As a cute gesture, but maybe also a kick in the butt to get started, my partner (and baby daddy) Curtis created business cards for me as a Christmas gift! They were a beautiful cream colour with a basic floral logo stating, "Graceful Birth Doula". On the back, it simply said, "Doula, Grace Pastuck" and my phone number!! My first business name was solidified from there! A cute play on words with my name, but also brings joy into the birth experience. Then in 2023, we decided to incorporate WORLDWIDE and realized we wouldn't be able to use the words as someone else legit swooped in right before us to trade mark it. So no biggie! I started this and nevertheless we persisted, so we rebranded in January 2023 as Your Doula Grace + Birth Pools By Grace! 

Now I'm known as Your Doula Grace. As my business grew, my name and brand needed to grow too. When I was searching for a name that felt "right" to me, I realized that I sign my emails to clients as Your Doula, Grace...and it clicked! 

Here'S a few things you should know



My dog is an American bulldog mixed with a puggle, her name is Winnie & got her during pandemic! She is a built in babysitter, certified baby food vacuum cleaner and Rhodes’ best friend.

a few of fun facts about me

I have 5 younger siblings! I love being the oldest because I can help guide them and they make life fun!

a few of fun facts about me

I never leave the house without 3 drinks, snacks, my Ilia lip oil but like to forget my phone, the peanut ball for births, anything I was supposed to bring that would have been hiding in my fridge and one time.. I drove away without my kid & Curtis LOL

a few of fun facts about me

I am extremely intentional about what I do but yet super laid back about so much! I love details, going the extra mile and getting involved but let my child roam free, find joy in chaos and just live on a whim!

a few of fun facts about me

My go to Starbucks order - Starbucks Oat Brown Sugar Americano + Banana Bread or a Breakfast Sandwich, all about convenience over here!

a few of fun facts about me

I prefer Yeti cups for coffee (it’ll stay hot for hours after your lose it chasing your toddler around) But Stanley for water because they’re cuter!

a few of fun facts about me

I have been waking up naturally at 6:47am for most of my life, it’s super weird but I trained my brain by doing it for years accidentally…

a few of fun facts about me

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