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Creative Ways To Pay For A Doula

So, you saw your Doula's worth and how much they charge. Now you're wondering how to make it work financially- here's how I make birth work affordable for every family!

First, know that I'm flexible and having a Doula by your side at any moment is worth it! When we got pregnant with Rhodes, the only reason we were able to have a Doula by our side was through gifting from our family! We hired her at 37 weeks, and if we didn't, I definitely wouldn't be where I am today.

For my clients, I created a fun little referral program! If a client refers a friend to me, that friend gets 5% off everything! The original client will then receive a surprise gift card (like Starbucks, Lululemon, Tula, Amazon) and a huge thank you text. I also offer a sliding scale and free services to moms under 19. So, if that's your case, just send me a message, and we can create a custom package just for you!

The earlier you hire us to be on your team, the earlier you utilize everything we offer. It's important to know that our calendars fill up very quickly, so the moment you see that line on the stick is the best time to book in! All it takes is a 15% deposit of your total and then we can create a custom plan for your family. If you need clarification on adding prenatal packages, you can add them as you go and pay the day of!

So, on to the good stuff...

1) Look at Your Budget

See where small changes could save you the most! Kyte baby is fun, but so is your husband feeling supported in supporting you... Throw the money into a savings account for big payments, or it can be as simple as sending your Doula money when you have extra cash! Pregnancy brings many purchases, but going second-hand on big things can make a huge difference!

2) Insurance!!!!!

If your Doula is a registered & insured business owner, you can usually claim them through insurance with the full payment receipt. My clients have had luck with Manulife, Flex Health Accounts, and Blue Cross, but I've heard stories from all over saying it's become more common.

3) Barter!!!

If you're a photographer, business owner, web designer, cleaner, or social media influencer, really anything that could be utilized by a Doula, use that as a tool. I love to partially exchange services because it always just falls into place nicely and builds our relationship!

4) Family and Friends Fundraiser

Do the $5 due date bet! They get to keep 25% of the pot and the other 75% goes to your Doula!

2nd baby and don't need much? Ask for funding for your Doula! Ask on Facebook! Ask your random great aunties!!!! Don't be scared to seek out help for something that can enhance your birth story.

5) Throw It On the Baby Registry!

17 packs of wipes? Nah, 17 hours of hands-on labour support!

Most registry sites let you add a cash or gift card funnel, so this is a perfect spot to throw your Doula fees in case some friends aren't familiar with what to get you!

6) Payment Plan

Ultimately, what most families do is break it down into a monthly payment plan! I'm going to do the math for my most frequently purchased package so you can see how well it works:

$1500 (everything under the sun + childbirth education) = $225 deposit when we sign your contract to confirm your spot!

Let's say you are 10 weeks pregnant, so we have about 6 months until baby time!

$1275 Remaining / 6 monthly payments = $212.50 per month Which basically puts me at your beck & call!

Budgets are real! Today's market is intense; sometimes things work, and sometimes they don't. That doesn't mean having a Doula isn't for you, though!

I researched relentlessly to see if I was getting the most "bang" for my buck, and I see you out here doing the same! I truly believe that I'm worth it and always say...

"You have one birth with this baby. There are no redos. Your birth's memory will last forever; nursery decor will not!"

So, with all this being said! Invest in the Doula, and you can use all of these methods to make birth work, work for you. You deserve quality support that aligns with your lifestyle!

I can't wait to birth with you, Grace.

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