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I'm Grace! Your birth doula and personal hype woman. If you're a mom-to-be who wants an empowered, informed, and supported birth, you're in the right place!


Support For Your Motherhood + Birth Journey By Grace

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Birth pools by grace

Canada's Luxury Birth Pools & Rentals. We design aesthetic birth pools for the modern birther.

Your Doula Grace clients get an exclusive discount on birth pool rentals!

Your Doula Grace ON YOUTUBE

Understanding the Roles



Edmonton Home Birth and Water Birth Support from Grace Pastuck, Childbirth Educator with Graceful Birth Doula.

Personalized care for new and expecting families while navigating the medicalized birthing system, bridging gaps in care and promoting physiological birth for all.

Baby Wearing Education in Edmonton from Grace Pastuck with Graceful Birth Doula

In-person education & support for families who are wanting to be hands-free and functional while still holding their babies close. Babywearing is for everybody once we get you correctly setup! 

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